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Many patients and families already have relationships with spiritual leaders from their place of worship. We are not here to replace your current spiritual support leader(s). Often, patients request visits from our clergy in addition to visits by their own ministers. If you do not have a minister, but would like one from your specific faith group, we will make every effort to find a local contact to meet your individual needs.

What if I have My Own Minister?

Spiritual Care And Peace

Hospice treats the whole person, not just the body. Abbey Hospice offers clergy to help you explore your feelings and spiritual questions. They provide a safe place for you to talk openly about whatever is on your heart. They provide support to all different religious backgrounds and preferences. Many people consider spirituality an essential aspect of their lives. The individual patient determines his or her participation, as spiritual care is completely optional.

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We can help arrange hospice services. Call us:

  • A caring presence

  • A listening ear

  • Non-judgmental acceptance

  • Encouragement and prayer

  • Rites or sacraments

  • Reading of scripture

  • Singing of songs/hymns

How Can a Chaplain Help?

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Volunteer with Abbey Hospice and help those in need. Volunteers provide unique services to patients and families.

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